Department of Internal Oversight Services

Report Wrongdoing

Report Wrongdoing

DIOS has established a reporting facility to provide a confidential mechanism for individuals wishing to report suspected wrongdoing.

The Investigations Division reviews all reports of possible wrongdoing it receives to determine whether the report is receivable for investigation.

Anyone with information regarding possible wrongdoing is strongly encouraged to report the matter in either Arabic or English using one of the three confidential means below:



  1. UNRWA Hotline Telephone Numbers
  • ​​​​Jordan: 06 5808 686
  • Gaza: 08 2887 127
  • Jerusalem and West Bank: 02 5890 772
  • Syria: 01 16116717
  • Lebanon: 01 830441
  1. Email [email protected]
  2. On line form.


Wrongdoing that may be reported includes:

  • Fraud and Corruption (for example, misrepresentation, forgery, or false certification in connection with any official claim or benefit, theft, embezzlement, solicitation/acceptance of bribes, extortion, and/or smuggling).
  • Conflict of Interest, such as failure to disclose an interest or relationship with a third party who might benefit from a decision in which the staff member takes part
  • Allegations of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation
  • Allegations of harassment, including sexual harassment and abuse of authority
  • Unauthorized outside activities, procurement violations, misuse of ICT resources, misuse of funding to implementing partners, and other violations of UN regulations, rules and administrative issuances

UNRWA is committed to ensure that any retaliation against individuals who report allegations of misconduct in good faith or cooperate with duly authorised audits or investigations will be dealt with as serious misconduct. UNRWA has a duty to protect staff from retaliation.