Department of Internal Oversight Services

Investigations Division

Investigations Division
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The Investigations Division strives to protect the human and financial resources of UNRWA by investigating fraud, corruption, sexual exploitation and abuse and other misconduct in the workplace. In line with Organization Directive-14 (OD-14), the division aims to foster greater transparency and accountability within the Agency and acts as the central point for the receipt of all allegations and complaints in relation to misconduct.

The investigation function includes reviewing the governance mechanism as regards the internal justice system and, in conjunction with the Ethics Officer and the Department of Human Resources, raising staff awareness on ethical standards and expected behaviour. The investigation function also includes providing advice to the Commissioner General as regards the progress and results of investigations.



The responsibility of DIOS for investigation includes the following:

  • Maintaining a confidential registry of allegations and complaints in a centralised Case Management System, which is managed and supervised to ensure the timely recording and management of allegations, complaints and related investigative activity
  • Managing the Agency's telephone hotline and email complaints system
  • Conducting investigations
  • Providing technical advice, guidance and training to staff who may be required to carry out investigations supervised by Field and Departmental Directors
  • Administering a process of quality assurance by initiating reviews of investigations conducted by other HQ Departments and Field Offices
  • Conducting further investigation if not satisfied with the results or recommendation of any investigation carried out by the Field and Department Directors
  • Maintaining the security and confidentiality of all information and documentary and physical evidence related to investigations
  • Respecting the individual rights of staff members and acting with strict regard for fairness and due process for all concerned in accordance with applicable regulations, rules and administrative issuances
  • Developing and submitting a work plan for review by the ACIO
  • Preparing, for submission to the ACIO and the Commissioner-General, an annual confidential report on the investigation of allegations and complaints of misconduct